Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2018

March 1, 2018 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Milliron Homeowners Association Annual Meeting January 24, 2018

Meeting called to order 6:32 by Sharon

Went over be courteous of our neighbors allow them to speak.

Approved meeting minutes from Feb 22, 2017

Roll call

Sharon went over committee’s open positions. Is anyone interested in being on the board. Mike nominated Sharon as VP and Tina the President. Tina indicated that Mike Z would volunteer for Secretary. 4606 Steeplechase Matthew Arnstam for ACC committee. Shareena Perry 4647 Steeplechase asked if we would email a list of volunteers we need.

Budget report, current budget. Sharon went over income received and transfer fees. Total income $28908.28.

Side note, 2 trees were cut down and when mowing it lodged a ball into a fence, that needed repaired. The fence has been repaired, the trees have also been planted along Black Cat that were missing.

Circle C we have a contract for 2017 and 2018 is doing a great job. A Motion is on the table for True Green to bid out our fertilizations. A representative from True Green said they could bid it out at half the cost. It was seconded and agreed to get the estimate.

Issue with the sprinklers along the park, at end of the season it was flooded and couldn’t even mow. If any homeowner is flooding in a particular season, to let AMC Property Mangers know and we will relay to landscapers and have that particular zone adjusted appropriately. If you see any vandalism in our neighborhood, please let AMC Property Mangers or a board member know. When flooding, we might need to change some zones, times, just let us know of your particular area.

Asked if we could send an email about the watering schedule for Settlers for irrigation. Yes, can send out in a newsletter.

Reviewed the rest of the budget, question on the tax bill, it was for 2016 & 2017 tax invoice.

On the budget need to show what was budgeted for 2017 and what the actuals were and 2018 estimated proposed budget. From now on you will see 3 columns, the proposed prior, actuals, and estimated next year.

Landscaping budget – getting a new estimate for fertilizations from True Green

If you see something that needs attention, please send AMC Property Managers an email and we will address it. We are available during the day, not evening.

Call to Vote Tina for President. All voted and approved. Tina Ihring is our new president.

Call to Vote Sharon McTeranan for Vice President. All voted and approved for Sharon McTeranan Vice President. .

Call to Vote Mike Zahghi for secretary. All voted and approved for Mike Zahghi Secretary. Reviewed the expectations of the committee meetings. CCR’s copies are on line at

Any new homeowners, Milliron has a Facebook page, for current homeowners only. You can join. We will also be removing any old homeowners that are no longer living in the neighborhood. This page needs to be about neighborhood issues only. Angie Lentz & Barb are the administrators. Alexa Bosley needs to be added as a homeowner on the page. Need to put a disclaimer about negative comments will be removed and the page is a homeowner sight only. Is it possible that the Attorney can draft language.

Common CCR violation & city ordinance.

Trash cans being left out, please bring them in on Friday after pickup.

Exterior lights all need to be working during evening. If you notice, please tell your neighbor, or contact management.

Please pick up after your animal, leash law.

Drive slowly, and be aware of the children

Basketball hoops also need to be brought out and taken back in after use every time, not left out.

Per CCR’s Holiday decorations should only be up 30 days before and taken down by 30 days after holiday.

Homeowners are responsible for their renters and/or guests to obey CCR’s. The association has the authority, per CCR’s if someone is being notified of deficiency consistently, the association has the right to contract out to have that deficiency corrected at the homeowners expense, they will be billed for this correction.

Open discussion:

What is the neighborhood’s stand on garage sales? Is that something that the neighborhood does or can an individual have one?

Who is going to follow up on the Facebook update? Sharon and Tina will take control. Also Matthew Arnstand volunteered to also be an administrator on that sight. Facebook should be for recommendations on who has used what company for home improvements, what is going on in the neighborhood only. You may not advertise your home based business.

Nextdoor Facebook page.

Park benches? Would anyone like park benches? We would like to look at park benches and costs. Need to be strategic where we put them, as not to put in the way of playing any kind of ball. Place around the playground equipment. It was motioned to increase the landscaping improvements to $1500.00 by Devin Delaney, it was 2nd by Harold Borcher

Motion to adjourn. Motion was 2nd by Harold Borcher at 7:35p.m.