Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2017

April 18, 2017 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron HOA Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2017, Ponderosa Elementary

Attendance and proxies total 21 homes meeting the quorum requirements

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM by Mill Iron Vice President

Approved minutes from last year’s annual meeting

Requested nominations for President (1 yr. term)

no volunteers or nominations

Requested nominations for Secretary (expiration of current Secretary’s 3 yr. term)

no volunteers or nominations

Discussed current committees and requested volunteers

ACC Committee

Devin Delaney, current

Don Chambers, current

Melissa Chambers, current

Brent Coppieters, current

Annette Wiese, volunteered to be new member

Parks Committee

no current members, no volunteers

CCR Committee

Mike and Tina Ihrig, volunteered to be new members

Social Committee

Kathleen Chambers, volunteered to be new member

Discussed Budget

Two homes in default of HOA dues

No current budget concerns

No projected repairs or projects to budget for this year

Discussed Violations

Concerns of excessive street parking by renters in the Southeast part of Mill Iron

Sidewalk snow removal concerns

Holes in fencing

Requests made for homeowners to be held more accountable to the rules of the CC&Rs

Open Discussion

Kathy Chambers from State Farm reviewed our insurance coverage

Talked about the neighborhood’s liability in the park and keeping an eye out for organized sports/activities happening by non-residents

Requested Nominations for President again

Mike Ihrig nominated Sharon McTernan, nomination seconded by resident, all in favor, Sharon accepted

Announced new Mill Iron President: Sharon McTernan

Requested nominations for Secretary again

No nominations, no volunteers.  Jennifer Flores/AMC to be acting Secretary during meetings

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM