Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2019

March 28, 2019 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes of the

Mill Iron Homeowners Association

February 25, 2019




  1. Meeting called to order at 1846.
  2. Board approved previous minutes from January 24, 2018.
  3. Twenty Three Homeowners were in attendance.


Open Discussion:

  1. Group advised that the President position for the coming year is open and was asked if anyone wanted to volunteer for the position. No one offered to volunteer. Discussion table later during meeting.
  2. There were no objections to the overall Financial Budget for 2019.
  3. Discussion regarding Landscaping maintenance, fertilization, repairs and improvements.
    1. Homeowners were asked if they knew of any Landscaping businesses to submit bids.
    2. No Objection on True Green with contract or pricing.
    3. Devin suggested adding Tree Spraying at a cost of $400.00 to the common areas.
    4. Due to problems with sprinklers it was suggested that a combination locks be purchased to be place on sprinkler boxes.
    5. Lighting at the Cheery Lane and Black Cat entrances was discussed. Devin was willing to look into what it would take to install landscape lighting and submit a bid.
    6. The Board of Directors has requested that all contracts submitted for consideration, be more specific with complete breakdowns for Services Rendered and Price prior to approval.

I.e. Landscaping contract:

  1. How many times per year for fertilizer, pest control, trees spraying, weeds applications, location, etc. and pricing for each service.
  1. Park items:
    1. Request to repair holes to wing fence at park entrance. $200.00 for repair to the fence was suggested, however, Mike Z. said he volunteer to repair the fence.
    2. Homeowner requested we look into some type of shade cover over playground equipment due to heat form the sun on the equipment.
    3. Wet and soggy grass in the park. Adjustment to the sprinkler system times.
  2. O.A. Committees:
    1. More homeowners were requested to volunteer for committees. Especially with the CC&R, Architectural and Parks committees. Contact Jenifer to volunteer and for more details.
    2. Per Section 11.1 – 11.2 TERM of CCR’s may be amended with an instrument sign by members entitled to cast not less than three-fourths (3/4) of the votes of the membership of the Association. Any amendment must be recorded, and shall not be effective or binding unit it is recorded in the Official Records of Ada County, Idaho.
  3. CC&R Issues:
    1. Garbage Cans are to be brought in or out of sight promptly.
    2. Property lighting. Please replace burnt out blubs.
    3. Children Safety type equipment is to be placed in respected yards and not placed in the street during use. This is a City of Meridian Ordinance and creates a driving hazard.
    4. Please watch your vehicle speed throughout the Mill Iron Community.
    5. Homeowner requested use of other types of Real estate “For Sale” signage. They were advised to submit a request to CC&R Committee.
  4. Misc:
    1. Discussion regarding financial account balance.
    2. Uncollected Homeowners Association Dues.




Mill Iron HOA                                                  Actuals                2018 Budget                      2019 Budget


HOA Dues Income                                         $30,568.84                         $28,700.00 ($350.00 x 82 homes)

HOA Late Fees                                                $212.79

HOA Transfer Fees                                         $1500.00

HOA Bank Interest                                         $214.90


Income Received                                           $32,496.53                                                                      $28,700.00




Landscaping maintenance                           $9715.00                            $9,715.00                           $9715.00

Landscaping Fertilizations                            $2739.50                            $2200.00                            $2200.00

Landscaping Repairs/trimming                  $3482.50                            $300.00                              $300.00

Landscaping Improvements                         $2162.72                            $2000.00                            $300.00

Removing of rodents                                    $ 0                                       $250.00                              $250.00

Legal and Professional Fees                        $ 0                                       $1,000.00                           $1000.00

Management Fees                                        $2308.62                            $2,152.50                           $2152.50

Office Supplies                                                $ 48.20                               $150.00                              $150.00

Postage and Delivery                                    $110.45                             $150.00                              $150.00

Taxes Preparation                                         $325.00                             $300.00                              $300.00

Idaho Power                                                   $150.60                             $160.00                              $160.00

Settlers Irrigation                                           $8632.73                           $9,500.00                           $9500.00

Nampa Meridian Irrigation                          $73.11                                 $72.00                                 $75.00

General Liability Insurance                          $850.51                              $835.00                              $860.00

State Taxes                                                      $30.75                                 $30.00                                 $30.00


Total Expenses                                                $30,629.69                         $28,814.50                         $28,839.50


Uncollected HOA Income                            $ 2435.00 (2 homes, monthly payments on one home, 1 home judgement granted)


Total Income                                                   $32,496.53                         $28,700.00                         $28,700.00

Net Shortage or Gain                                    $1,866.84                           $-114.50                            $-139.50


Account Balance as of 12/31/18:               11,749.26