Meeting Minutes – 1/14/15

April 14, 2015 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron HOA Meeting
01-14-15 at Ponderosa Elementary

7:30 Verified Quorum Meeting called to order by Sharon McTernan

Board approved previous meeting minutes

Started Budget Discussion and General Questions

Landscaping issues: All present agree that Circle C is doing a consistently poor job with maintenance of the landscape and had delays with sprinkler blowouts again last fall.  Park Committee assigned to get bids from new companies and AMC will check with contracted landscapers.

Neighborhood watch signs: AMC to contact Dan Booker with Park Committee and see if he can find out if we can put our signs up in the 2 main entrances and allow Golfview’s entry sign to serve us when enter on White Birch.

Mill Iron sign on corner of Black Cat and Cherry: Masonry is falling apart. Dan Booker with Park Committee got 2 estimates in 2014 that were over $9000.00 and $18000.00 – which is why the work has not been done yet.  All homeowners present are open to find solutions to landscape design around sign other than rebuilding the masonry to save money.  AMC to check with contracted landscapers and get separate bids and ideas/solutions from them.

Playground Maintenance: Needs bark.  Motion approved to spend up to $600.00 to refill bark in playground area immediately.  AMC to place order.

Board Member positions available: President – Sharon willing to be replaced. Vice President: Tina resigned. Secretary – Stacey willing to be replaced.  President – no volunteers, Sharon McTernan re-elected.  Vice President – Shauna Sanchez volunteered and elected. Secretary – no volunteers, Stacey Pechin re-elected.

Homeowners concerned about number of houses that need new exterior paint.  Kathy Chambers has recommendation for company that has done her home and others, will post information on Facebook.

Fence concern: small wing fence owned by association by South entry to park has holes in it. Brandon Pechin has some original extra fence materials and will donate to fix this spot, Don Chambers volunteered to help complete the repair.

Chip sealing: Loose rocks, messy and annoying.  Stacey Pechin to contact ACHD and request further clean up.

8:42 PM Motion to adjourn by Brandon Pechin, seconded by Don Chambers.