Collection Procedures

Homeowners Association Assessment Collection Procedure

Homeowner’s dues are important funds that support the operational expenses of the Association.  Without these funds your Association suffers.  Please read the following procedures, so that you are familiar with the assessment collection process.

Payment by Vista, MasterCard can be made by phone or online at  There is a 3% charge for this.

The Milliron Association annual dues will be annually and are due on January 1.

If Assessments are not paid by January 31, on approximately each February 1st, a delinquency notice will be mailed to any homeowner that has not either made payment arrangements or paid the delinquent assessments in full. If you need to make payment arrangements, contact AMC Property Managers at 208-288-2565 or email at [email protected]

The following is the chronological order and procedure for the collection of Assessments:

Statement & Delinquency Notices:

Assessments are currently due and payable annually in advance on the first day the calendar month, and is delinquent if not paid within 30 days. (1) If delinquent all assessments shall accrue interest at the rate of six percent (6%) from the date such assessment is first due.  (2) If any assessment remains unpaid by an Owner for more that thirty (30) days from the due date for its payment, the Board shall send a notice to the Owner indicating the amount due, including notices of the late fees and interest, and demand for immediate payment thereof.  (3) If any assessment remains unpaid by the Owner for more than sixty (60) days from the due date for its payment, the Board shall turn over collection to the Association’s attorney (“Attorney”), who shall: (a) send a written demand for payment and any notice as required by Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if applicable; (b) prepare and record a lien against the Owner’s unit; (c) notify the Owner within 24 hours of recording that the lien has been recorded; and (d) may notify any first mortgage or trust deed holder of the Owner’s default, if applicable.  The lien amount shall include all collection costs to date, including attorney’s fees and the cost of preparing and recording the lien, any notices of lien required by law, and any notices to a first mortgage holder, if applicable.  The demand for payment shall notify the Owner of the Owner’s liability for payment of charges imposed by Attorney to cover fees and costs associated with all collection efforts.  The demand for payment shall include all collection costs to date.