Milliron Meeting Minutes – February 2020

February 19, 2020 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2020 Milliron Annual HOA meeting meeting called to order 6:48p.m.

2019 meeting minutes approved from February 25, 2019

21 homeowners and proxies were present

Group advised President and Vice President have resigned November 19, 2019. This makes ALL board member positions are open.  Anyone willing to volunteer?

Devin Delaney volunteered for President. Harold B 2nd the nomination. Put to vote before the homeowners. Vote was unanimous for Devin Delaney President.

Annette Wise volunteered for Vice President.  Harold B 2nd the nomination.  Put to vote before the homeowners, vote was unanimous for Annette Wise Vice President.

Shirley Tucker volunteered for Secretary. Harold B 2nd the nomination. Put to vote before the homeowners, vote was unanimous for Shirley Tucker for Secretary.

Welcome Milliron Homeowners Association Board Members, your community appreciates you. 

ACC Committee, both Devin Delaney & Annette Wise are willing to continue on the ACC Committee. Matt Arnstam has moved out of the HOA and is no longer on the ACC Committee. 

Tom Wilkenson volunteered to be on the ACC Committee.

Review of the budget, Homeowners voted on, and approved by homeowners to increase budget for landscaping repairs to $1000.00, increase landscaping improvements to $1000.00, increase budget for Legal to $2000.00.

Review of landscaping budget and proposal from Circle C & RCS landscaping. After comparing the two bids it was voted on to keep Circle C landscaping.  There was discussion about the flooding/over watering along Black Cat and Cherry Lane, which is causing the homeowners along those fence lines back yards to flood. There is also discussion about flooding in the park.  I checked with Circle C, the current watering schedule along Black Cat & Cherry Lane will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 4am – 8am, there are 4 control boxes that run. When weather changes and becomes hotter it will be set for twice a day. Circle C with notify AMC of this and AMC will notify homeowners. Milliron board and AMC to make a concentrated effort to address the flooding along Black Cat & Cherry Lane. If we are not able to get it controlled via landscapers, then to contract with a sprinkler company to help come up with a resolution. If we need to change heads, make adjustments, not just turning the time down.

Homeowners voted to keep True Green fertilization on for the year.

Discussion about the weeds in the park playground area. Do we spray for weeds or another option to update the bark.  After discussion it was voted on by the homeowners to update the bark.  The homeowners voted to increase the budget for this not to exceed $10000.00. We would get the bark and have a homeowners spreading party. AMC will check to see how much bark was ordered when done 4-5 years ago. Devin Delaney to check and see if he could get a contractors rate for bark from Cloverdale Nursery.

Open discussion about lighting at both entrances. Devin Delaney got an estimate from Quality Electric Inc, to put in lighting for both entrances along with power for holiday decorations. That estimate came in at $17, 459.25. This was to do the job by the book, permits, flaggers, pavement cutting, ext. It was also a full scope bid.  This is out of homeowner’s association budget.  If anyone knows any lighting companies that may want to bid on the job, please contact AMC.  AMC to contact a contract to see if there are any Idaho Power incentives or possible contractors.

It was discussed that new homeowners buying into the neighborhood are not being given copies of the CCR’s by the Title Companies.  CCR’s are located on the website under Milliron. It was agreed to create a welcome to the neighborhood letter to be sent out to new owners.  The discussion of a welcome committee was talked about, it was discussed we used to have one, and are open to a having again if anyone willing to volunteer.

Open Discussion of what happens when a homeowner does something without ACC approval.  It was determined if a homeowner was denied and notified of the denial the Board would involve the Legal staff. Legal would send out letters notifying of consequences of homeowners actions, fines, required to rectify the issue and or court actions and be responsible for all legal costs. It was voted on to proceed with corrective action when a homeowner does do something without approval.

Approved Budget:

Mill Iron HOA                                                     2019 Actuals                      2019 Budget                      2020 Budget

HOA Dues Income                                           $23316.29                            $28,700.00 ($350.00 x 82 homes)

HOA Late Fees                                                   $250.00

HOA Transfer Fees                                          $1350.00

HOA Bank Interest                                           $178.80


Income Received                                              $25,095.09                                                                           $28,700.00




Landscaping maintenance                            $9747.00                              $9,747.00                             $9747.00

Landscaping Fertilizations                             $2200.00                              $2200.00                              $2310.00            

Landscaping Repairs/trimming                  $805.00                                 $300.00                                 $1000.00

Landscaping Improvements                        $0                                           $300.00                                 $1000.00

Removing of rodents                                      $ 0                                          $250.00                                 $250.00

Legal and Professional Fees                         $ 0                                          $1,000.00                             $2000.00

Management Fees                                          $1882.13                              $2,152.50                             $2152.50

Office Supplies                                                  $ 84.20                                  $150.00                                 $150.00

Postage and Delivery                                      $160.50                                 $150.00                                $150.00

Taxes Preparation                                            $325.00                                $300.00                                 $325.00

Idaho Power                                                       $143.44                                $160.00                                 $160.00

Settlers Irrigation                                             $8454.95                            $9,500.00                             $9000.00

Nampa Meridian Irrigation                           $73.23                                   $75.00                                   $75.00

General Liability Insurance                           $825.00                                 $860.00                                 $860.00

State Taxes                                                         $30.75                                   $30.00                                   $31.00

Total Expenses                                                $24,731.20                           $27,174.50                           $29,210.50

Uncollected HOA Income                              $ 1840.09 (1 home judgement granted)

Total Income                                                     $ 25,095.09                        $ 28,700.00                         $28,700.00

Net Shortage or Gain                                     $ 363.89                               $ 1525.50                            $-510.50


Account Balance as of 12/31/19:                12,003.15


 Meeting adjorn 8:10 p.m.