Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2013

September 27, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 09-26-13 @ Booker residence


8:00 PM meeting brought to order by Daniel Booker

Introduced Melissa Delaney with City Of Meridian

Melissa discussed:

                Purpose of neighborhood watch and provided handout and manuals

                Division of neighborhood

                Responsibilities of Neighborhood watch:

                                Network of communications

                                Reporting to City of Meridian PD

                                Creat block profiles with homeowner information sheets          

                                Recommend face to face / door to door contact for sign up     

                Provided examples of important situations:

                                *most home burglaries between 10 am to 3:00 pm

                Discussed flow of information

                                City of Meridian PD also informs our Neighborhood watch of concerns

                How to form the Neighborhood Watch Committee:   

                                Announce we are forming one

                                Set a closing date to have forms in and captains selected

                                Form a neighborhood hierarchy of reporting and order

                                Give coordinator and captain info to Meridian PD

                                Note non-participants on Neighborhood map and mark North on map

                Home security tips: many listed in manual that was handed out

                                Melissa’s duties: education, prevention, and enforcement

                                She is there to help our committee be successfull

                                Also provided helpful information for domestic violence security

                                Recommends check on neighbors who suffer from sickness or disability

                                Know when to call 911 before NH Watch Captain

                Signs for Neighborhood watch our responsibility to get and purchase

                National Night Out – Effective to bring people together 1st Tues. every Aug.

                Coming up Oct 5 @ Fire Station 1 – Demonstrations of security and tips


8:40 Questions from Participants:  

                Door to door sales? Melissa advised if for profit, requires permit

                Dog doors used used in burglaries? Recommends lockable doors

                Recent Burglaries in Mill Iron:

Recommend cut handle from garage door release

Helpful tactics: door chimes, motion lights, deadbolts on man doors

                                enhance lighting in short fence yards

                Can our neighborhood be more patrolled? Related to crimes reported

More recommendations from Melissa:

Report all crimes & use non-emergency # to report suspicious activity    377-6790

Coordinators of committee should be mixture of people with different schedules


9:00 Daniel Booker thanked Melissa and questions brought to a close


Daniel Booker elected Head of Mill Iron Neighborhood Watch Committee

Volunteers signed up to be Block Captains, info forwarded to Dan


9:15 Dan also announced he will organize a Parks Committee Meeting


9:20 Meeting adjourned by Dan Booker