Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2013

May 9, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron Board Member Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2013

Members present: Jennifer Flores, Sharon McTernan, Tina Ihrig, Stacey Pechin. 

Meeting called to order by Sharon @ 6:34 PM


  • Motion to approve meeting minutes from Annual Meeting Nov. 2012: approved
  • Fences
  • Web page
  • Accounting Reports
  • Watering and Landscape
  • Spring Newsletter
  • Finances/Collections
  • Committee Expectations
  • Pro Core




AMC to send follow up letters to homeowners in violation
Confirmed follow up and resolutions from homeowners that responded to 1st letter

Web Page:

Edit contact information for committee members and AMC to update page
Sharon to e-mail updated architectural form to AMC
AMC to update web page with new architectural request form

Monthy Reports:

AMC to notify board members of violations and fines at time of occurance or at least two times a month
Discussed when basketball hoops, toys, garbage cans become violations worthy of letters

Watering and Landscape:

Solutions for owner on outer perimeter who still have flooding
Roger to perform intermittent watering for shorter periods on exterior landscape to reduce overwatering
Proposed contacting Roger about individual home watering evaluations
Noted that if Roger evaluates for homeowners he needs to keep records
Sharon to get bid to aerate common areas

Spring Newsletter:

Contents to include general reminders about lights and landscape and basketball hoops, landscape, weeds, courteousness in park and to vinyl fencingDiscussed community yard sale correlation with homeowner who wants to host craft fair. Sharon to find out date and agreed to notify homeowners. Discussed purchase of dry-erase signage for neighborhood entrances
Letter to include reminder about Meridian’s Dog Barking policies and number for animal control 409-4251



Discussed status of collections and liens
AMC is up to date on all statuses and unpaid dues are down

Committee Expectations:

Discussed welcoming committee
Sharon to contact people on committees and confirm further involvement

Pro Core:

Voted to take them to small claims court for unreimbursed attorney fees

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM