Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2014

September 1, 2016 in Midtown Square Meeting Minutes

Midtown Square Homeowner’s Association Board meeting held on July 8, 2014

Board members present:  Todd Woodell, Tina Velasquez, Joe Rarick, Marty Most, Janet Larson, Kim Batton, Mindy Wood and Suzanne Bankhead

Meeting held at the Woodell home

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Secretary’s report:

No new business to report

Treasurer’s report:

Report submitted by Treasurer, Joe Rarick.  The total account balance as of June 10, 2014 is $8007.46.  There are approximately ten 2014 dues checks received, but not yet deposited or included in this balance.  As of June 10th, 11.5 homeowners have outstanding dues for 2014, 6 homeowners have outstanding dues from 2013, and 1.75 homeowners have outstanding dues from 2012.

Architectural Committee report:

The Architectural Committee would like to remind all homeowners that, per the CC and R’s, any construction, alterations (this includes changing of exterior paint colors), or additions to the exterior of your property must receive written approval by the Committee PRIOR to the change.

Old business:

  • The Board voted in favor of hiring Boardwalk Management to assist with the management of the Association. The monthly cost is $165 and is expected to be covered by the current dues payments.  Among other things, Boardwalk Management will assist with the Board with general correspondence, accounts payable, annual dues notices and receipt, and CC and R violation letters.

New business:

  • The Board elections are over the new Board was elected. The new officers are as follows:

Todd Woodell, 428 W. Maple,, 208-761-2818-President

Tina Velasquez, 1367 N. Midtown,, 208-949-9310-President Elect

Joe Rarick, 451 W. Maple, -Treasurer

Marty Most, 1345 N Midtown ,, 208-887-3925-Architectural Committee Chair

Janet Larson-1387 N Crestmont,, 208-887-0828-Architectural Committee member

Kim Batton-1403 N Midtown, -Architectural Committee member

Mindy Wood-1370 N Midtown, 208-284-4905-Architectural Committee member

Suzanne Bankhead, 1452 N Cresmont,, 208-658-1396-Secretary