Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2019

March 28, 2019 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes of the

Mill Iron Homeowners Association

February 25, 2019




  1. Meeting called to order at 1846.
  2. Board approved previous minutes from January 24, 2018.
  3. Twenty Three Homeowners were in attendance.


Open Discussion:

  1. Group advised that the President position for the coming year is open and was asked if anyone wanted to volunteer for the position. No one offered to volunteer. Discussion table later during meeting.
  2. There were no objections to the overall Financial Budget for 2019.
  3. Discussion regarding Landscaping maintenance, fertilization, repairs and improvements.
    1. Homeowners were asked if they knew of any Landscaping businesses to submit bids.
    2. No Objection on True Green with contract or pricing.
    3. Devin suggested adding Tree Spraying at a cost of $400.00 to the common areas.
    4. Due to problems with sprinklers it was suggested that a combination locks be purchased to be place on sprinkler boxes.
    5. Lighting at the Cheery Lane and Black Cat entrances was discussed. Devin was willing to look into what it would take to install landscape lighting and submit a bid.
    6. The Board of Directors has requested that all contracts submitted for consideration, be more specific with complete breakdowns for Services Rendered and Price prior to approval.

I.e. Landscaping contract:

  1. How many times per year for fertilizer, pest control, trees spraying, weeds applications, location, etc. and pricing for each service.
  1. Park items:
    1. Request to repair holes to wing fence at park entrance. $200.00 for repair to the fence was suggested, however, Mike Z. said he volunteer to repair the fence.
    2. Homeowner requested we look into some type of shade cover over playground equipment due to heat form the sun on the equipment.
    3. Wet and soggy grass in the park. Adjustment to the sprinkler system times.
  2. O.A. Committees:
    1. More homeowners were requested to volunteer for committees. Especially with the CC&R, Architectural and Parks committees. Contact Jenifer to volunteer and for more details.
    2. Per Section 11.1 – 11.2 TERM of CCR’s may be amended with an instrument sign by members entitled to cast not less than three-fourths (3/4) of the votes of the membership of the Association. Any amendment must be recorded, and shall not be effective or binding unit it is recorded in the Official Records of Ada County, Idaho.
  3. CC&R Issues:
    1. Garbage Cans are to be brought in or out of sight promptly.
    2. Property lighting. Please replace burnt out blubs.
    3. Children Safety type equipment is to be placed in respected yards and not placed in the street during use. This is a City of Meridian Ordinance and creates a driving hazard.
    4. Please watch your vehicle speed throughout the Mill Iron Community.
    5. Homeowner requested use of other types of Real estate “For Sale” signage. They were advised to submit a request to CC&R Committee.
  4. Misc:
    1. Discussion regarding financial account balance.
    2. Uncollected Homeowners Association Dues.




Mill Iron HOA                                                  Actuals                2018 Budget                      2019 Budget


HOA Dues Income                                         $30,568.84                         $28,700.00 ($350.00 x 82 homes)

HOA Late Fees                                                $212.79

HOA Transfer Fees                                         $1500.00

HOA Bank Interest                                         $214.90


Income Received                                           $32,496.53                                                                      $28,700.00




Landscaping maintenance                           $9715.00                            $9,715.00                           $9715.00

Landscaping Fertilizations                            $2739.50                            $2200.00                            $2200.00

Landscaping Repairs/trimming                  $3482.50                            $300.00                              $300.00

Landscaping Improvements                         $2162.72                            $2000.00                            $300.00

Removing of rodents                                    $ 0                                       $250.00                              $250.00

Legal and Professional Fees                        $ 0                                       $1,000.00                           $1000.00

Management Fees                                        $2308.62                            $2,152.50                           $2152.50

Office Supplies                                                $ 48.20                               $150.00                              $150.00

Postage and Delivery                                    $110.45                             $150.00                              $150.00

Taxes Preparation                                         $325.00                             $300.00                              $300.00

Idaho Power                                                   $150.60                             $160.00                              $160.00

Settlers Irrigation                                           $8632.73                           $9,500.00                           $9500.00

Nampa Meridian Irrigation                          $73.11                                 $72.00                                 $75.00

General Liability Insurance                          $850.51                              $835.00                              $860.00

State Taxes                                                      $30.75                                 $30.00                                 $30.00


Total Expenses                                                $30,629.69                         $28,814.50                         $28,839.50


Uncollected HOA Income                            $ 2435.00 (2 homes, monthly payments on one home, 1 home judgement granted)


Total Income                                                   $32,496.53                         $28,700.00                         $28,700.00

Net Shortage or Gain                                    $1,866.84                           $-114.50                            $-139.50


Account Balance as of 12/31/18:               11,749.26


Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2018

March 1, 2018 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Milliron Homeowners Association Annual Meeting January 24, 2018

Meeting called to order 6:32 by Sharon

Went over be courteous of our neighbors allow them to speak.

Approved meeting minutes from Feb 22, 2017

Roll call

Sharon went over committee’s open positions. Is anyone interested in being on the board. Mike nominated Sharon as VP and Tina the President. Tina indicated that Mike Z would volunteer for Secretary. 4606 Steeplechase Matthew Arnstam for ACC committee. Shareena Perry 4647 Steeplechase asked if we would email a list of volunteers we need.

Budget report, current budget. Sharon went over income received and transfer fees. Total income $28908.28.

Side note, 2 trees were cut down and when mowing it lodged a ball into a fence, that needed repaired. The fence has been repaired, the trees have also been planted along Black Cat that were missing.

Circle C we have a contract for 2017 and 2018 is doing a great job. A Motion is on the table for True Green to bid out our fertilizations. A representative from True Green said they could bid it out at half the cost. It was seconded and agreed to get the estimate.

Issue with the sprinklers along the park, at end of the season it was flooded and couldn’t even mow. If any homeowner is flooding in a particular season, to let AMC Property Mangers know and we will relay to landscapers and have that particular zone adjusted appropriately. If you see any vandalism in our neighborhood, please let AMC Property Mangers or a board member know. When flooding, we might need to change some zones, times, just let us know of your particular area.

Asked if we could send an email about the watering schedule for Settlers for irrigation. Yes, can send out in a newsletter.

Reviewed the rest of the budget, question on the tax bill, it was for 2016 & 2017 tax invoice.

On the budget need to show what was budgeted for 2017 and what the actuals were and 2018 estimated proposed budget. From now on you will see 3 columns, the proposed prior, actuals, and estimated next year.

Landscaping budget – getting a new estimate for fertilizations from True Green

If you see something that needs attention, please send AMC Property Managers an email and we will address it. We are available during the day, not evening.

Call to Vote Tina for President. All voted and approved. Tina Ihring is our new president.

Call to Vote Sharon McTeranan for Vice President. All voted and approved for Sharon McTeranan Vice President. .

Call to Vote Mike Zahghi for secretary. All voted and approved for Mike Zahghi Secretary. Reviewed the expectations of the committee meetings. CCR’s copies are on line at

Any new homeowners, Milliron has a Facebook page, for current homeowners only. You can join. We will also be removing any old homeowners that are no longer living in the neighborhood. This page needs to be about neighborhood issues only. Angie Lentz & Barb are the administrators. Alexa Bosley needs to be added as a homeowner on the page. Need to put a disclaimer about negative comments will be removed and the page is a homeowner sight only. Is it possible that the Attorney can draft language.

Common CCR violation & city ordinance.

Trash cans being left out, please bring them in on Friday after pickup.

Exterior lights all need to be working during evening. If you notice, please tell your neighbor, or contact management.

Please pick up after your animal, leash law.

Drive slowly, and be aware of the children

Basketball hoops also need to be brought out and taken back in after use every time, not left out.

Per CCR’s Holiday decorations should only be up 30 days before and taken down by 30 days after holiday.

Homeowners are responsible for their renters and/or guests to obey CCR’s. The association has the authority, per CCR’s if someone is being notified of deficiency consistently, the association has the right to contract out to have that deficiency corrected at the homeowners expense, they will be billed for this correction.

Open discussion:

What is the neighborhood’s stand on garage sales? Is that something that the neighborhood does or can an individual have one?

Who is going to follow up on the Facebook update? Sharon and Tina will take control. Also Matthew Arnstand volunteered to also be an administrator on that sight. Facebook should be for recommendations on who has used what company for home improvements, what is going on in the neighborhood only. You may not advertise your home based business.

Nextdoor Facebook page.

Park benches? Would anyone like park benches? We would like to look at park benches and costs. Need to be strategic where we put them, as not to put in the way of playing any kind of ball. Place around the playground equipment. It was motioned to increase the landscaping improvements to $1500.00 by Devin Delaney, it was 2nd by Harold Borcher

Motion to adjourn. Motion was 2nd by Harold Borcher at 7:35p.m.



Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2017

April 18, 2017 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron HOA Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2017, Ponderosa Elementary

Attendance and proxies total 21 homes meeting the quorum requirements

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM by Mill Iron Vice President

Approved minutes from last year’s annual meeting

Requested nominations for President (1 yr. term)

no volunteers or nominations

Requested nominations for Secretary (expiration of current Secretary’s 3 yr. term)

no volunteers or nominations

Discussed current committees and requested volunteers

ACC Committee

Devin Delaney, current

Don Chambers, current

Melissa Chambers, current

Brent Coppieters, current

Annette Wiese, volunteered to be new member

Parks Committee

no current members, no volunteers

CCR Committee

Mike and Tina Ihrig, volunteered to be new members

Social Committee

Kathleen Chambers, volunteered to be new member

Discussed Budget

Two homes in default of HOA dues

No current budget concerns

No projected repairs or projects to budget for this year

Discussed Violations

Concerns of excessive street parking by renters in the Southeast part of Mill Iron

Sidewalk snow removal concerns

Holes in fencing

Requests made for homeowners to be held more accountable to the rules of the CC&Rs

Open Discussion

Kathy Chambers from State Farm reviewed our insurance coverage

Talked about the neighborhood’s liability in the park and keeping an eye out for organized sports/activities happening by non-residents

Requested Nominations for President again

Mike Ihrig nominated Sharon McTernan, nomination seconded by resident, all in favor, Sharon accepted

Announced new Mill Iron President: Sharon McTernan

Requested nominations for Secretary again

No nominations, no volunteers.  Jennifer Flores/AMC to be acting Secretary during meetings

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Meeting Minutes – 12/14/15

December 29, 2015 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Quorum confirmed 32 homes represented by person and proxy

6:18 meeting called to order by President Sharon McTernan

Meeting minutes from last annual HOA meeting approved by Sharon, seconded by Stacey Pechin


Changed order of meeting outline to introduce Roger with Circle C first

Roger discussed problem with Mill iron sign and repair options.

Brandon Pechin motioned to vote for a repair budget of $4800.00

Motion approved by Mike and Tina of Henderson Drive

Voted, budget for repair of sign for $4800.00 approved by all.


Open discussion for questioning Roger about landscape concerns.

Explained lawn on Cherry by buckled sidewalk is improving.

Talked about lawn problems caused by last summers sprinkler vandalism.

Explained overall sprinkler system improvements.

6:40 PM dismissed Roger


Franz Witte vs. Circle C Landscape bids discussed.

Circle C is adding additional bug and weed treatments through Emerald Lawns.

Spray versus granular application should improve health of lawn in 2016

Voted, 32 to 1 to keep Circle C


6:50 PM announced Board Positions all available

Explained duties of board members

No Volunteers

Stacey Pechin volunteered to stay on as Secretary

6:58 Announced all issues will go through AMC management company.


Requested ACC Committee volunteers – volunteered: Angie Lenz, Don Chambers via Kathy Chambers, Devin Delaney, Brent Coppiers, Melissa Jansen via AMC


7:05 Todd Bramhill volunteered to be President, motion seconded by Harold Boucher, attendees approved

Art Musser Vice President, motion seconded by Harold Boucher, attendees approved


7:08 Open Discussion

House paint colors

Legal and professional fees


7:16 Insurance suggestion by Kathy Chambers with Statefarm, liability limits too low

Recommends $5000.00 medical coverage for accidents that occur on Mill Iron public property

Cost difference in policy is about $50.00 per year

Motion to increase insurance budget from $800 to $900.00 per year per Stacey Pechin

Motion seconded by Harold Boucher

7:20 Vote approved 32 to 1, renew as of January


7:25 Motion to adjourn by Brandon Pechin, seconded by Tony Lenz

Meeting Minutes – 1/14/15

April 14, 2015 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron HOA Meeting
01-14-15 at Ponderosa Elementary

7:30 Verified Quorum Meeting called to order by Sharon McTernan

Board approved previous meeting minutes

Started Budget Discussion and General Questions

Landscaping issues: All present agree that Circle C is doing a consistently poor job with maintenance of the landscape and had delays with sprinkler blowouts again last fall.  Park Committee assigned to get bids from new companies and AMC will check with contracted landscapers.

Neighborhood watch signs: AMC to contact Dan Booker with Park Committee and see if he can find out if we can put our signs up in the 2 main entrances and allow Golfview’s entry sign to serve us when enter on White Birch.

Mill Iron sign on corner of Black Cat and Cherry: Masonry is falling apart. Dan Booker with Park Committee got 2 estimates in 2014 that were over $9000.00 and $18000.00 – which is why the work has not been done yet.  All homeowners present are open to find solutions to landscape design around sign other than rebuilding the masonry to save money.  AMC to check with contracted landscapers and get separate bids and ideas/solutions from them.

Playground Maintenance: Needs bark.  Motion approved to spend up to $600.00 to refill bark in playground area immediately.  AMC to place order.

Board Member positions available: President – Sharon willing to be replaced. Vice President: Tina resigned. Secretary – Stacey willing to be replaced.  President – no volunteers, Sharon McTernan re-elected.  Vice President – Shauna Sanchez volunteered and elected. Secretary – no volunteers, Stacey Pechin re-elected.

Homeowners concerned about number of houses that need new exterior paint.  Kathy Chambers has recommendation for company that has done her home and others, will post information on Facebook.

Fence concern: small wing fence owned by association by South entry to park has holes in it. Brandon Pechin has some original extra fence materials and will donate to fix this spot, Don Chambers volunteered to help complete the repair.

Chip sealing: Loose rocks, messy and annoying.  Stacey Pechin to contact ACHD and request further clean up.

8:42 PM Motion to adjourn by Brandon Pechin, seconded by Don Chambers. 

Meeting Minutes – 11/6/13

November 8, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron HOA Meeting minutes from 11-06-13

Meeting held at Ponderosa elementary

Verified number of homeowners present and proxies exceed minimum requirement for quorum and meeting called to order at 7:15 PM.

Approved meeting minutes from last November HOA meeting.



Discussed increase in landscape maintenance costs

Increase in cost to dump grass for landscaper

Added number of fertilizer and weed treatments

Sprinkler revisions

Legal and professional fees

Defined as cost for collections with attorney and property management


Opened to bid from Kathy Chambers insurance agency

Motion to increase E&O insurance budget to $1200.00 by Todd Bramhall

Ed (Clarence) Carabaugh second the motion

*all 28 participants agreed to increase budget


Advised people welcome to sign up for committees

Neighborhood Watch – introduced Dan Booker

NW is up and running – described purpose and how it works

Introduced 5 block captains

Discussed privacy of homeowner information

Discussed budget for neighborhood watch signs and legal

ways to display signage. Decided not necessary in park.

Board expectations for committees

Parks Committee to get bid on Mill Iron sign illumination



President open for re-election

No other volunteers: Sharon McTernan re-elected by all 28 participants



Christmas Lights in entryways?

Jennifer with AMC to look for existing electric outlets

Discussed forming a volunteer group under parks committee

Jennifer with AMC to get bid for lights from Roger if electrical present

Neighborhood Directory?

People signed up to organize one with Social Committee

Speed Bumps?

Discussed liabilities vs. benefits

Mr. Bramhall volunteered to research process and cost

Meeting adjourned by Sharon at 8:19 PM

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2013

September 27, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 09-26-13 @ Booker residence


8:00 PM meeting brought to order by Daniel Booker

Introduced Melissa Delaney with City Of Meridian

Melissa discussed:

                Purpose of neighborhood watch and provided handout and manuals

                Division of neighborhood

                Responsibilities of Neighborhood watch:

                                Network of communications

                                Reporting to City of Meridian PD

                                Creat block profiles with homeowner information sheets          

                                Recommend face to face / door to door contact for sign up     

                Provided examples of important situations:

                                *most home burglaries between 10 am to 3:00 pm

                Discussed flow of information

                                City of Meridian PD also informs our Neighborhood watch of concerns

                How to form the Neighborhood Watch Committee:   

                                Announce we are forming one

                                Set a closing date to have forms in and captains selected

                                Form a neighborhood hierarchy of reporting and order

                                Give coordinator and captain info to Meridian PD

                                Note non-participants on Neighborhood map and mark North on map

                Home security tips: many listed in manual that was handed out

                                Melissa’s duties: education, prevention, and enforcement

                                She is there to help our committee be successfull

                                Also provided helpful information for domestic violence security

                                Recommends check on neighbors who suffer from sickness or disability

                                Know when to call 911 before NH Watch Captain

                Signs for Neighborhood watch our responsibility to get and purchase

                National Night Out – Effective to bring people together 1st Tues. every Aug.

                Coming up Oct 5 @ Fire Station 1 – Demonstrations of security and tips


8:40 Questions from Participants:  

                Door to door sales? Melissa advised if for profit, requires permit

                Dog doors used used in burglaries? Recommends lockable doors

                Recent Burglaries in Mill Iron:

Recommend cut handle from garage door release

Helpful tactics: door chimes, motion lights, deadbolts on man doors

                                enhance lighting in short fence yards

                Can our neighborhood be more patrolled? Related to crimes reported

More recommendations from Melissa:

Report all crimes & use non-emergency # to report suspicious activity    377-6790

Coordinators of committee should be mixture of people with different schedules


9:00 Daniel Booker thanked Melissa and questions brought to a close


Daniel Booker elected Head of Mill Iron Neighborhood Watch Committee

Volunteers signed up to be Block Captains, info forwarded to Dan


9:15 Dan also announced he will organize a Parks Committee Meeting


9:20 Meeting adjourned by Dan Booker

Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2013

May 9, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

Mill Iron Board Member Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2013

Members present: Jennifer Flores, Sharon McTernan, Tina Ihrig, Stacey Pechin. 

Meeting called to order by Sharon @ 6:34 PM


  • Motion to approve meeting minutes from Annual Meeting Nov. 2012: approved
  • Fences
  • Web page
  • Accounting Reports
  • Watering and Landscape
  • Spring Newsletter
  • Finances/Collections
  • Committee Expectations
  • Pro Core




AMC to send follow up letters to homeowners in violation
Confirmed follow up and resolutions from homeowners that responded to 1st letter

Web Page:

Edit contact information for committee members and AMC to update page
Sharon to e-mail updated architectural form to AMC
AMC to update web page with new architectural request form

Monthy Reports:

AMC to notify board members of violations and fines at time of occurance or at least two times a month
Discussed when basketball hoops, toys, garbage cans become violations worthy of letters

Watering and Landscape:

Solutions for owner on outer perimeter who still have flooding
Roger to perform intermittent watering for shorter periods on exterior landscape to reduce overwatering
Proposed contacting Roger about individual home watering evaluations
Noted that if Roger evaluates for homeowners he needs to keep records
Sharon to get bid to aerate common areas

Spring Newsletter:

Contents to include general reminders about lights and landscape and basketball hoops, landscape, weeds, courteousness in park and to vinyl fencingDiscussed community yard sale correlation with homeowner who wants to host craft fair. Sharon to find out date and agreed to notify homeowners. Discussed purchase of dry-erase signage for neighborhood entrances
Letter to include reminder about Meridian’s Dog Barking policies and number for animal control 409-4251



Discussed status of collections and liens
AMC is up to date on all statuses and unpaid dues are down

Committee Expectations:

Discussed welcoming committee
Sharon to contact people on committees and confirm further involvement

Pro Core:

Voted to take them to small claims court for unreimbursed attorney fees

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM



Annual Meeting – Nov 15, 2012

April 9, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

11/15/12 – Annual Meeting Minutes

Agenda and City of Meridian Staff Report Passed Out
Call for Proxies and Verify Quorum
Call to Order 6:19pm

Explanation of City of Meridian Staff Report and how Mill Iron's CC&R's fall into the guidelines and rules with the City of Meridian. – Many of the items listed in the CC&R's are based on city rules and ordinances and can not be changed based on this.

AMC Property Management, Inc. – Introduction of Jennifer Flores

  • Mill Iron has a web page @
    • The web page will consist of CC&R's, upcoming events, ability to pay annual dues online.
    • HOA dues can be made in a one time payment via check, credit or debit card.  If a credit for debit card is used a convenience fee will be charged.
    • Billing Schedule can be set up if needed; this information will also be listed on the website.  Hovever, a convenience feel will be charged for this service.
  • Discussion focused on communication – this will be sent in several forms.
    • Web page, Facebook and Mail
    • All violations will be sent in letter form via mail
  • AMC will be more aggressive in collecting fees

Circle C Lawn Care – Introduction of Roger Cruz

  • Discussion on flooding, dry spot and possible posting of a watering schedule
  • In the spring, each watering section will be looked at determination made on proper sprinkler heads, watering times, and possibility of creating a drainage area to deal with the flooding along Cherry and Black Cat Road.

Committees will have certain expectqtions put into place to ensure everyone has the same goals in mind for keeping our wonderful neighborhood looking great and welcoming. As soon as all committees are in place, a meeting will be scheduled with all members.

Reminders were discussed regarding:

  • Garbage cans are placed behind fences or in garage
  • All fences must be completed and notification will be sent to those homeowners that have not completed this task
  • Signs – Political or FOR RENT signs are not allowed
  • Barking dogs – the City of Meridan has a no barking ordinance. Plese be courteous of your neighbors and the ordinance.
  • This is a child-friendly neighborhood; hover "safety" type equipment cn not impede the flow of trffice and must be off to the side of the road or on the sidewalk.
  • At any time anyone can call Meridian Code Enforcement 846-7382 to report a violation.

Annual voting of Officers:

  • Open positions this year were for President and Secretary
    • Sharron McTernan was unanimously voted in as President
    • Stacey Pechin was unanimously voted in as Secretary
    • Tina Ihrig will move into the Vice-President position from Secretary

Unanimous vote to update the CC&R's to reflect anyone who has unpaid Dues and or Fees of any amount will lose their right to vote.

Unanimous decision that November works best for the Annual Meetings, but no Wednesdays.

Adjournment @ 7:02pm