Annual Meeting – Nov 15, 2012

April 9, 2013 in Mill Iron Meeting Minutes

11/15/12 – Annual Meeting Minutes

Agenda and City of Meridian Staff Report Passed Out
Call for Proxies and Verify Quorum
Call to Order 6:19pm

Explanation of City of Meridian Staff Report and how Mill Iron's CC&R's fall into the guidelines and rules with the City of Meridian. – Many of the items listed in the CC&R's are based on city rules and ordinances and can not be changed based on this.

AMC Property Management, Inc. – Introduction of Jennifer Flores

  • Mill Iron has a web page @
    • The web page will consist of CC&R's, upcoming events, ability to pay annual dues online.
    • HOA dues can be made in a one time payment via check, credit or debit card.  If a credit for debit card is used a convenience fee will be charged.
    • Billing Schedule can be set up if needed; this information will also be listed on the website.  Hovever, a convenience feel will be charged for this service.
  • Discussion focused on communication – this will be sent in several forms.
    • Web page, Facebook and Mail
    • All violations will be sent in letter form via mail
  • AMC will be more aggressive in collecting fees

Circle C Lawn Care – Introduction of Roger Cruz

  • Discussion on flooding, dry spot and possible posting of a watering schedule
  • In the spring, each watering section will be looked at determination made on proper sprinkler heads, watering times, and possibility of creating a drainage area to deal with the flooding along Cherry and Black Cat Road.

Committees will have certain expectqtions put into place to ensure everyone has the same goals in mind for keeping our wonderful neighborhood looking great and welcoming. As soon as all committees are in place, a meeting will be scheduled with all members.

Reminders were discussed regarding:

  • Garbage cans are placed behind fences or in garage
  • All fences must be completed and notification will be sent to those homeowners that have not completed this task
  • Signs – Political or FOR RENT signs are not allowed
  • Barking dogs – the City of Meridan has a no barking ordinance. Plese be courteous of your neighbors and the ordinance.
  • This is a child-friendly neighborhood; hover "safety" type equipment cn not impede the flow of trffice and must be off to the side of the road or on the sidewalk.
  • At any time anyone can call Meridian Code Enforcement 846-7382 to report a violation.

Annual voting of Officers:

  • Open positions this year were for President and Secretary
    • Sharron McTernan was unanimously voted in as President
    • Stacey Pechin was unanimously voted in as Secretary
    • Tina Ihrig will move into the Vice-President position from Secretary

Unanimous vote to update the CC&R's to reflect anyone who has unpaid Dues and or Fees of any amount will lose their right to vote.

Unanimous decision that November works best for the Annual Meetings, but no Wednesdays.

Adjournment @ 7:02pm